The stratus 6000 is our mid-range mattress from the cloud collection giving you a great amount of comfort with an extra 2000 springs from the entry model and an extra 3 cm of comforting gel-infused memory foam, making this mattress a popular favourite. This mattress provides you with a softer feel.


4 Layers of Comfort

  • 1. Cool Comforting Gel Infused Memory Foam. The Stratus 6000 features generous 5cm’s worth of the dynamic memory foam, gel mix comfort layer, to create a blissful sleeping surface. The cooling gel is infused with the memory foam allowing for a more temperature-regulating material, addressing a long-standing issue with memory foam retaining too much heat. This innovation allows for all the existing benefits of memory foam such as pressure relief, weight distribution, and comfort, to now also include a breathable surface that adapts to your needs and regulates your temperature.
  • 2. Comfort Foam. Sitting Below the top comfort layer, there is a further layer of 2cm foam. This foam acts as an extra comfort layer as well as adding just another element of extra support to the mattress.
  • 3. 6000 Pocket Springs. Featuring 6000 high tech pockets springs making up 16cm of the mattress depth, this is where the incredible support comes from. The pocket springs work independently of each other allowing them to tailor to your body giving you full personalised support and comfort.
  • 4. Comfort Foam. Finally, the mattress is finished with a further layer of 5cm foam. This foam adds even more support and comfort to the overall feel of the mattress.

Behind the scenes

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