The Cirrus 4000 is our entry-level mattress to the cloud collection giving you a step into the comfort and luxury of the collection. With 4000 pocket springs and the same comforting gel-infused memory foam, this mattress is a great introduction to the range. This mattress provides you with a medium comfort feel.


4 Layers of Comfort

  • 1. Cool Comforting Gel Infused Memory Foam. A Comforting layer of gel infused memory foam, activating temperature control properties and pressure relief to create a blissful sleeping surface.
  • 2. Comfort Foam. A secondary layer of comforting foam to add an extra layer of support and further improve over all weightless feel.
  • 3. Pocket Springs. These top quality pocket springs work independently to each other to tailor to your bodies specific needs of support and comfort.
  • 4. Comfort Foam. Further Comfort foam only adds more of that luxury weightlessness feeling improving your ability to achieve a better nights sleep.

Behind the scenes

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