Relax the mind, body & senses

Your mind, body, senses are all greatly important to your sleep. So important in fact we’re on a mission to help aid relaxation before bed. Check out all our pages to find ways you can help relax in preparation for bedtime. 

The Body

The body is key to your relaxation. as it controls all the muscles, organs, nerves and more its vital that you keep your body as relaxed as possible at bedtime. Thats, why we’ve devised a number of sessions you can complete with us to help, relax the body throughout the day, in preparation for sleep. 

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The Mind

Our sleep experts have worked hard to curate specially designed sessions to help aid the busy mind. And this doesn’t just start before bed, our mind sessions are designed to help you keep a clear head throughout the day. 

The senses

Your senses go through a lot every day, the least you can do is give them time to relax, time to appreciate their real capabilities. Our sleep experts have devised amazing senses sessions that help you let your mind into what your senses are possible of. 

Why we created The Relax Center?

We know how important it is for you to have a great nights sleep. And thats why we released the Prestige Relax range and online center. This is where we share sessions that our sleep experts have crafted to help you get the maximum out of your new Prestige Relax Mattress.